Dishonest employees, just like unfair contracting parties, are a problem that affects many companies.

Beginning from cases of petty theft (fuel, goods or equipment), to abuse of sick leave and violating the non-competition clause, to serious misappropriation of funds.

Depending on the order, we verify the honesty and fairness of our client’s current employees as well as the ones who are no longer hired. We check if the non-competition clause is followed after employment relationship cessation and if all confidentiality clauses are observed. Furthermore, we look for sources of an improved financial position and verify if professional contacts are used to get personal financial benefits.

An employer may use cameras, breathalysers, software for tracking activity in the Internet and electronic mail usage to control employees. It is, however, important to remember that controlling employees must not infringe their personal rights. In order not to cross this thin line between legal and illegal monitoring, it is worth entrusting professionals with this task.

The activities conducted by us include verification of employees’ past or checking the accuracy of résumés and authenticity of documents presented.