Industrial espionage means collecting information of business significance about the situation of potential contracting parties. It involves acquiring, processing and making available the information regarding their legal status, connections, employment as well as commercial and economic situation.

Before developing cooperation with business partners, it is worth knowing as much as possible about them. The greater the financial or image-relate risk, the more valuable such information is, based on which clients can make their decisions. This rational practice used in the world of business is considered the most effective tool, which allows taking appropriate and responsible decisions.

In our work, we combine detective activities with the work of experts from a specific branch. This way, the analysis and assessment of the risk associated with commencing cooperation with a new entity is complete, based on actual data and reliable.

It is particularly important that Europe Detective, as an entity operating all over Europe, helps its clients in the verification and authentication of companies operating throughout the old continent.
Collecting indispensable information about business partners from abroad is of utmost importance, because local legal conditions in one country and international regulations may distort the actual situational picture. Additionally, international agreements hinder the enforcement of obligations due to the necessity of conducting legal actions in another country.