The safety and health of a child is of utmost importance to every parent. In the case of younger children, all steps taken are aimed at eliminating all potential risks and hazards. Over time, when children grow and their independence increases, parents need to face new challenges and must equip their children with the skills of predicting and avoiding risks and threats, and if they occur – with the ability of coping with a difficult situation.

Lack of life experience, inability to cope with problems and insufficiently developed behaviour in difficult and uncommon situations make children exposed to direct risks for their life and health as well as helpless when confronted with complex problems.

What needs to be done when a child is missing or runs away from home, or falls into bad company? What happens in the Internet, in clubs and during parties? Date rape drugs or designer drugs are just the tip of the iceberg.

In the case of children, the expression “prevention is better than cure” should always be considered the most important motto.