Establishing the property status most often refers to cases linked with the enforcement of existing debts from a debtor. Such activities are also helpful during divorce cases, apportionment of property or alimony-related disputes, or as a form of security for claims in the future.

A debtor or a potentially indebted person can use many legal loopholes to hide their property or income. They may claim to have insufficient resources to pay off debts, which is most often confirmed by delivering non-credible or even false information regarding the property in their possession, or may hide revenues by working “in the black economy”.

As part of actions taken in this scope, we verify the property of the debtor, collect information about their current obligations and sources of income.

We provide fully credible and reliable information about the movable and immovable property in the debtor’s possession, their receivables, bank account balance, and business partners.

The materials collected may serve as key evidence during proceedings before a court or any other competent authority.