Observation of people and premises
Observation is one of the basic methods of action used by detectives in their everyday work. Observation allows acquiring significant information about a given person or a place, learning the behaviour, daily schedule, place of work, and the people the person meets. The information acquired, supported by additional materials such as photographs, audio and video recordings, may be used as evidence in court during civil cases (e.g. confirming or excluding marital infidelity) or criminal cases.

Searching for people
A missing close person is undoubtedly one of the worst life-affecting situations that may happen to each of us. If a close person is missing it is important to find out the reason and possible consequences of this situation as soon as possible. Experience indicates that taking an appropriate search action on time makes it possible to save the missing person’s life.
We search not only for missing people, but also for the people who are hiding. The reasons may vary. Committing a minor or major offence, different types of anxieties, addictions, debts, mental disorders, cults, etc. may bring about the willingness to run away from one’s creditors, family, acquaintances, the judiciary, and sometimes even from the “whole world”. We help to determine where the hiding person currently resides, what they do, and who they have contact with.